The World of Jamaican Art

The world of Jamaican art comes alive at Dr. Quality and Fay's Shop on Negril, Jamaica's West End! Conveniently located on One Love Drive also known as the West End Road, Dr. Quality and Fay's Shop is just a few feet from Summerset Road. It is and has been one of the main shopping stops for visitors to Negril for years!

Dr Quality & Fay's in Negril Jamaica

Our artwork speaks to all of our patrons in their own special way. From the handmade calabash purses, carvings of Red Stripe Bottles and Rasta Man faces to our one of a kind 6 foot giraffes, there is always something that will spark your interest! And we also have a complete assortment of Jamaican handmade jewelry to fit any budget. Bringing back a bit of Jamaica will make your vacation stay just that much more memorable. Bring home a small piece of Jamaica!

Carvings at Dr Quality and Fay's in Negril Jamaica