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More Excerpts from Banana Shout

April 24th-25th, 2000


"People try to put us down
Just because we ge-ge-ge-get around
Talkin' 'bout my generation."

By Peter Townsend, The Who
From the song "My Generation"

"Garth had told him that he had an expatriate neighbor from the United States on the western border of his property. The guy's name was Nicholas Lebowitz - Nick - and he leased the next-door property from a Jamaican doctor. Tavo would soon get to know Nick more intimately, Garth predicted, he was getting married within the next two weeks, and would be throwing a wedding reception on his property. Nick might even be neighborly and invite Tavo.

But there was much more to be told about Nick, and what Garth and Clifton couldn't tell him because of the language barrier, he soon fond out first hand, by paying him a visit.

Nicks leased property had also belonged to Clifton at one time. He sold it to a local Jamaican doctor who had the land cleared and built a three-bedroom villa with a swimming pool at the ocean's rock edge. The villa was now rundown; the yard overgrown with weeds, and the swimming pool so cracked it couldn't hold much water. All it held now were a few ducks, the gardener raised, in a foot of slimy green water polluting the pool's bottom.

But what made this property so unique was that every night, you could stand on almost any spot and witness a nearly 300-degree, panorama of the Caribbean Sea as the sun set in a glorious, multi-colored western sky. Nick's leased property also had gorgeous coves studded with caves, as well as terraced sundecks and staircases built by the doctor's contractors, that led down to a vast crystalline sea. The water was deep and the cliffs steep, so you could step off the top into nothingness, then land with a tremendous splash in the refreshing emerald waters below."

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At 7:43pm - a "hot" night ahead! The temperature is 82° F, 28° C.

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