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Drumville Cove on the cliffs in Negril Jamaica
Negril Today
Back Ah Yawd's
New Home
September 23rd, 1997
Back Ah Yawd, our daily slice of Jamaican life, has found a home - Drumville Cove (roof - far right). If you are interested in meeting some of the people in or behind Back Ah Yawd, including Delroy, be sure to stop by Drumville Cove on the cliffs. You can find it across from Roy & Felix's Serious Chicken. Yah mon! The weekly Visitor Orientation Party sponsored by the Negril Chamber will be starting at 12:00 noon, this Sunday, the 28th at Long Bay Beach. Long Bay Beach is located between Beaches and Sandals. All visitors staying in Negril are welcome - come on out, especially if you are staying at Beaches or Sandals! It's a short walk mon! Party with us on the beach and meet some of the locals! Learn Jamaican ways and culture in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Beingee's will be there - look for Garth, Delroy and Rob to make an appearance! Sponsored by the Negril Chamber of Commerce - to arrange a ride from your resort - when in Negril call 957-4067. Today's Back Ah Yawd has Delroy at Roots Bamboo. Click above on Back Ah Yawd for the latest episode.
At 7:26 am, early morning blue! The temperature is 77° F, 25° C.
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