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Negril Today
Weekend Update!
16th, November 1996
Sorry SNL, but we couldn't think of anything more original than this headline for today's page. This past week was a busy one. We had our first audio sample from a live reggae concert on the beach. Click here or on page #2 above to hear a portion of the Prince and the Gangsters international hit, I Don't Want To Lose My Temper.
We also updated our Main Menu as well as finally added the foundation for Internet Port Antonio. Click on the appropriate choice to take a look at our latest updates.
Finally, Mariner's Inn would like to thank all the bands that have contacted them about the Sunset Show free accommodation special. Once again, if you are in a band or know someone who is, click here for more details.

At 12:40 pm, the weather is finally breaking. The temperature is 85° F.,30° C.
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