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Blue Upon Blue Upon Blue

August 15th, 2000

It was a gorgeous windy day with the heat of the sun being wisking away by the cool sea breeze. This picture, taken at one of the last spots of beach (at Westland Road also known as Tigress Lane) looking back at the seven miles of white sand! Other than the white caps and mountain tops in the picture, just about every color of blue imaginable can be seen! What a beautiful day in tropical Negril, Jamaica! Make that day yours by booking your next trip to our one of a kind vacation destination!

Daily Music News: The Negril Entertainment Network will be ready for the Hurricane Band at Roots Bamboo live on Wednesday evening, so for details check the Negril Message Board for the latest information on how to join the NEN for the next live webcast and chat in the Negril Chatroom! To make it to the Negril Message Board click on the Main Menu above or below and then look for the Negril Message Board link!

At 6:49pm - sun sets after a cooling rain. The temperature is 86° F, 30° C.

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