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More Banana Shout Excerpts

February 15th, 2000

Once again we follow the exploits of our hero Tavo Gripps as he makes a new life for himself in Negril back in the early 70's. Here is another excerpt from Banana Shout!

"He walked along the seven-mile beach road and saw that the handful of fishing families living alongside seemed to eke out an existence that hadn't changed since their ancestors were emancipated from slavery . Then he found the Albert family's cluster of shacks about one mile from Willie's and negotiated for an old sleeping bag to bed down on their sagging floor boards, amongst a dozen or so bright-eyed children aged six months to fourteen years.

To his delight and astonishment, the family welcomed him like a long-lost relative into their humble home nestled in a palm grove on that beautiful beach. The children sat on his lap, playing with his long straight bleached hair and love beads. He tickled their ribs, and they screamed with glee, but everyone became quiet when Mr. Albert, over a few white overproof rums, told a tale about Negril's history. They listened with pricked ears as the ageless head of the family spun the tale of Calico Jack the pirate. The only other sounds were the ocean breeze gently rustling the coconut palm fronds, and crickets and tree frogs chirping their accompaniment."

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At 6:12pm - a quiet sunset. The temperature is 79° F, 26° C.

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