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Nuff is Enuff, Stop the Rumors!
14th, November 1996
Unfounded rumors are flying around on the newsgroup. Rumors like "systems have broken down and the ocean water is foul..." are being passed along by unknowledgable parties, or parties that have reasons to pass such nonsense other than the truth. The water system in Negril is functioning normally and the ocean, while being rough from the tropical storm off to our west, is perfect! These reckless rumors have caused many people anxiety and all of Negril would appreciate it if the (ir)responsible parties would seek the truth before passing along such disinformation. The best we can figure, the foundation for these ridiculous rumors was a) the construction on the west end, laying new pipes which are not in use yet, and b) the rough seas which uncovered some areas on the beach where decaying seaweed was buried, producing a wonderful aroma. The ocean has once again buried the seaweed. No problem! Click here to see what's new on page #2.
At 7:03 am, stalled weather over the western Caribbean. The temperature is 77° F.,25° C.
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