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Tuesday's Sunset at the Lighthouse in Negril Jamaica
Negril Today
Sunset of the Week
October 5th, 1997
The Sunday Sunset of the Week was taken last Tuesday up near the Lighthouse, across from Lighthouse Village. An incredibly peaceful way to end a relaxing day at Lighthouse Village! Yah mon! News: Join us at noon today (JA time) on the IRC (Undernet - #Beingees) for a LIVE chat from the first Negril Sunday Brunch - sponsored by the Negril Chamber of Commerce and JHTA. Beingee's will be there along with Cliff Reynolds, the President of the Chamber to answer your questions and comments. We will try to get a picture and post it LIVE! Keep checking back here starting at noon! Today's Back Ah Yawd has Delroy discussing things with Chef. Click above on Back Ah Yawd for more mon!
At 7:26 am, blue peeking through. The temperature is 77° F, 25° C.
blue line
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