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Thank You! (We're Back!)
5th, March 1996

Beingee's is back live on 'net! We want to thank each of you for your help - you know who you are - thank you! Your actions helped the visionary people at the Firefly Cottages support Internet Negril. Thank you and thanks to the folks at the FireFly. Without their help you would still be seeing that emergency plea. Please remember to show your appreciation to those generous people at the FireFly by making your next reservations with them! They deserve it for their futuristic insight. (And besides, the place is beautiful!) We will be bringing you more info on the FireFly in the future, but we wanted to get this message up ASAP. Please - STOP CALLING the FireFly. They got the hint.

Internet Negril returns daily tomorrow with a couple twists - check it out mon! For Last week's plea, click here.

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