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Negril Today's Emergency Plea!!!
29th, February 1996
Internet Negril is in trouble. This will be be our last page without your help. You've given us great sponsor ideas involving the resorts and restaurants. We have been approaching them for months - but they all want proof before they will support us. We are now desperate and YOU are our proof! Would you please help us? If you feel this site should not die, we need you to do something for us. Please call Mr. XXXX at the FireFly Cottages on the beach. His number is XXXXXXXXX. He's out of town so please leave a brief message for him. Tell him Beingee's Internet Negril can let people know about his beautiful resort and that your call is the proof. That should do it. Your call is our best chance at getting the QUICK funding we must have to continue. Thank you in advance. And for any Spring Breakers coming down this weekend - This Is Important - please print some of our pages. Copy them and pass them out on the plane. When you get to Negril - have people take them to the business mentioned on that page. We know this is a hassle, but we need your help (and it might actually be fun to "search" for these places - a kind of international "scavenger hunt"). That should be enough proof for them and with your help we will keep bringing you this Negril website all during Spring Break and well into the future. Websites are not free. Please help. For yesterday's story, click here.
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