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Jack Mansong's story is not a pleasant, late 1700's tale, but true none the less. Jack's African parents were sold as slaves into Jamaica by a Captain Harrop. As reward for saving Harrop from drowning, Jack's father was lashed to death (500 lashes) by Harrop. Jack's mother swore revenge, raising him to hate. After leading an unsuccessful slave revolt, arrested and on death row, Jack escaped and tortured to death the unsuspecting Harrop. A high bounty was posted, but using African "witchcraft" known as Obi (or Obeah), Jack eluded all except one, Quashee. A Moroon (the original Jamaican rebels, also from Africa), Quashee wanted a piece of Jack and the reward. Having earlier succeeded in giving Jack his "three-fingered" nickname but being badly shaken by the experience, Quashee, wanted an edge. Using the only thing he knew that was stronger than Obi, the white man's "witchcraft" known as Christianity, Quashee was baptised as James Reeder. Protected by his new magic, Quashee/Reeder, on his second and last encounter with Jack, took control. In a two-on-one struggle, Jack was shot and finally killed by a rock to the skull. Jack's severed head and three-fingered hand ended up in a bucket of rum. Mr. Jack Mansong lives on in song and story.
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