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White Ash

"I made up my mind, ten years ago today, to follow the song of the world."

Drifting into obscurity has never been a problem for the brothers from Columbus. White Ash is Howard and Rob Graves, with various members appearing with the group over the years. Larry Todd, Duane Perry and Chris Telszrow have all been members in the band. Burning out in '81, the group made a few unsuccessful comebacks, culminating in an excrutiating live performance of The Turtle's "Happy Together" in 1993. Since then, the band has wisely decided to remain in the studio. Click here to listen to a RealAudio clip of their song - Jamaica Way! If you have Netscape you may need to enter this address ( into your Real Audio Player directly. Note: The song is about 550K (3.5 minutes) - it will take a few minutes to load...

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