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Back Ah Yard #19

Country: Wah happend baby, last night mi si yuh ah party well hard ah Risky ah because ah di last week ah spring break meck yuh did ah gwane soh?

Jannet: No soh mi did under mi big head an mi peanut punch.

Cappachi: Das why yuh did ah bruck dem wine dah man mi a tell yuh fi a long time ah di fus mi have so much fun di last three weeks dem springer's party while.

Country: Red Stripe Beer and Appleton Rum dem Spring Breakers noh joke fi drink dem.

Jannet: Mi teck a few ah dem to YS Falls last week an ah di same drinking joy dem carry off.
Cappachi: Yeah man, once yuh an dem go anyway dem noh stop drink yuh til yuh stone. Click for the previous Back Ah Yawd, or click for the next one.

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