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Will I be asked and forced to buy drugs?
You may be asked if you want to buy some drugs. Just as you may be asked in Washington DC, NYC, Los Angles, Miami, London, Paris, and Hamburg. I have found that unlike many of these other fine cities, the dealers in Negril are cool if you say "NO, thanks mon, I'm cool" where as in some other places you may be followed or hasseled further. Its the same with every sale in Negril, say "Just Lookin Mon" and its no problem. Should you buy drugs is a different story. Many of the drugs which are illegal in the US are illegal in Jamaica (including marijuana). If you have a mind to partake of the many pleasures (not just drugs ;-) ) that are available to you in Negril it is best to ask you hosts or their employees to help you procure your needs. DO NOT DO DRUGS IN PUBLIC. YOU WILL BE ARRESTED. YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. YOU WILL NOT PASS GO, YOU WILL NOT COLLECT $200.00

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