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Dream Properties

Own Your Own Piece Of Paradise

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about having a little piece of paradise that you can call your very own? Does the idea of warm days and endless sunsets in the tropics sound appealing? If you are interested, then you are in the right place mon! Dream Properties is just that. Dreamy, fantasy fulfilling properties located in one of the most tantilizing places on the planet - magical Negril, Jamaica. SPECIAL LISTINGS - To Own A Piece Negril's History - Click Here, Click here for the Heart Beat Resort and Restaurant Property or Click Here for a long term resort lease or click for great Negril Timeshares at The Beachcomber Club!

Note #1: If this listing is not to your suiting, please be-mail your requirements and amount you are looking to spend, as we list only a few. Please don't hesitate to e-mail us for information! Note #2: Americans or other foreign nationals can own property in Jamaica without a Jamaican partner. Just thought you might want to know...

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