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27/28th, December 1996
The Negril Reggae Fest is in full swing and we fully anticipated bringing you some great graphics from the concerts, but unfortunately we ran into a little problem. Seems that JBC, a Jamaican TV station, has the rights to the video and audio from the performance. Last night at the Shaggy - Beres Hammond concert at Central Park, the fine folks at JBC took a great interest in the tape from the video camera we use to get these images on the internet. So much interest that they still have the tape. We been spending the day attempting to get this issue worked out. They didn't take the camera, so we can always get another tape. Keep tuned in. By the way, the concert was INCREDIBLE!!! More news: we have another Negril Graffiti, click here or above on page #2.
At 6:06 pm, the sun has set. The temperature is 83° F., 28° C.
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