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Boat Bar
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26th, Februrary 1996
It might not be the S.S. Minnow, but this beached boat has a colorful history. But less for it's seaworthy-ness than it's barworthy - ness! This boat became the Boat Bar shortly after Septmember 1988 - that was when we Negril met up with Hurricane Gilbert. One of the consequences of that nasty storm was the now famous Boat Bar. Stop by for a cold one during your strolls on the beach. Note #1: The Spring Break, Guest's Gallery and B.B.B. sections are updated. Note #2: If you still want to be here for Spring Break - no problem mon! Several of the locals have budget accomodations for last minute partyers! Be-mail us or check us all week for more info. For yesterday's story, click here.
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