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Beach House Villas

September 23rd, 1999

Yesterday's Negril Today "guess where this picture was taken"contest as an easy one, most of the entries had it correct. Although Vonda Paradise actually had the correct answer first, the Beach House Villas, she didn't email in the answer which was part of the contest. So the winner of this week's contest is Irie Marie for being the first to email in her answer of the Beach House Villas! Congratulations Irie Marie! Now, if you can just stay off your motorcycle long enough to stop by one of the NEN events and collect on that drink... (grin). Thanks to all those that participated! Daily Music News: The Negril Entertainment Network will reduce its webcast schedule live from Negril this week, with a live Friday night show from the Negril Yacht Club. Sunday there may be a daytime webcast of IRIE FM's famous Bob Clarke Oldies Show. To find out when this week's shows will take place - check the Negril Message Board for information on joining the webcast and chat - live from Negril, Jamaica!

At 12:37pm - sunny and blue in Negril. The temperature is 86° F, 30° C.

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