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Flicka from Cornwall at the Mariner's Inn Sunset Show in Negril Jamaica
Negril Today
Friend from Cornwall
August 22nd, 1997
After the sun set last night, the folks from the UK were just warming up mon! We caught this shot of Flicka from Cornwall having a great time at the Mariner's Inn Sunset Show. Edge Michael and the New Sound got the crowd moving in a giant train around the cliffside resort. What a party mon! Note: remember on Sunday, Edge Michael and Rich Hardesty will be performing at Mariner's Inn for the Mannings High School Past Students Association Party raising money for this year's school projects. If you attended Mannings and/or would like to help support this historic high school - BEMAIL US here or above and give us your pledge. We are arranging an easy way for you to send your donation - all we need right now is your pledge to contribute. If you would like to help - email us - we want to announce the total at the party on Sunday! Thanks mon! Back Ah Yawd continues with Delroy at the Mariner's Inn Sunset Show. Click here or above on Back Ah Yawd! (The Negril Message Board can be found on the Main Menu...
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