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Negril Today
Special Thank You Edition
21st, March 1996
It's not an easy road. Weeks back we ran into financial woes and needed a miracle. Our phone had been disconnected and our Internet Account was in serious jeopardy. We asked for your help to convince the generous people at Firefly to support our web site. Because of your actions, the wonderful folks at Firefly gave us the financial support we so desperately needed. We would like to return the favor. We are dedicating today to the Firefly! Click and take a look at their beautiful beach front property (give us your opinion on the page design, we are interested). Remember, if it wasn't for the people at Firefly, you wouldn't be reading any of this. If you have gotten any benefits or enjoyment from Internet Negril, please return the favor and book your next Negril trip at Firefly. You will not be disappointed. The place is beautiful, and the people there really care about you. That's why they helped us, because they realize we are helping you. Thanks again to the fabulous folks at Firefly! Click for yesterday's story.
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