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Special Beach Edition

November 18th, 1998

Since there has been so much discussion on the Negril Message Board about the condition of the beach in Negril, I personally felt it was time to try and put the matter to rest. The following 14 pictures were taken this morning and early afternoon during a stroll on the beach. I will make only a short commentary after each picture - but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This picture shows the southern part of the beach - taken from Travelers Beach Resort.

We are now looking north up the beach from the T-Water Beach Resort.

We are now looking at the beach in front of Coconut International - towards Bar-B-Barn.

This shot shows the beach at DeBuss with Sea Gem, Legends and Risky Business off in the distance.

This picture is for Murray showing the entire Yellow Bird beach.

We've now moved up the beach to Merril's, looking towards Negril Gardens.

Here is the famous beach at Alfred's Ocean Palace. Please note the distance from the bar to the water line.

We are now looking at Roots Bamboo - where there is plenty of room for their Wednesday and Sunday night beach parties! (Note the lack of a water line).

As the clouds moved in, we moved up the beach and took this picture looking back at Mariposa. Plenty of room for a quiet stroll on the beach.

Here is a picture taken in front of Nirvana. The high water mark from Mitch is clearly visiable but that does not deter a father and son from enjoying the sand and the sun!

This picture is for Joe and Marilyn, taken at Coco La Palm showing that there is plenty places to catch some rays on the sandy beach.

Here is a picture taken at Country Cottages which shows the problem of building too close to the waterline. Note that the foundation of the Tiki Bar has been partially undermined by the wave actions from Mitch.

This picture was taken just as the rains began at the Negril Tree House. People were laying out all morning on the lounge chairs and quickly make their way to the beach bar - as we did - which remained undamaged by Mitch.

Here is a shot taken at the far end of the Tree House beach showing that the sand has been washed out from underneath the watersports shop (formerly Pringle's). The afternoon rains picked up and stopped our journey up the beach. We hope to have more later this week from further up the beach.

Although this is by no means a complete picture of every property, it does give you accurate, up-to-date information for you to use your own judgement about the condition of the Negril beach. Although Negril is much more than a beach, we still have one of the best slices of sand anywhere in the world. Make no mistake about that! Irie!

At 4:00pm - the afternoon rain ends... The temperature is 82° F, 27° C.

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