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MXIII Bob Marley Birthday Bashment and the 3rd Annual Beingee's Meeting of the Board Info!!!

January 17th-18th, 2001

This year will be the 3rd Annual Beingee's Internet Negril "Meeting of the Board" held in conjunction with Cubba's 10th Annual MXIII Bob Marley Birthday Bashment and the Bob Marley Foundation! "The Beingee's Board Meeting Daze" will be held from February 2nd to the 8th, 2001! The schedule of events so far:

Feb. 2nd - Tigress Lane "Meeting of the Board Part 1" Ice-Breaking and a chance to sign up for all events Street Festival - Morning Breakfast at Marva's Seafront Restaurant - Pool Party Lunch at Tigress I - Sunset Party at Tenby's Tigress III - Pool/Dinner Party at Eddie's Tigress II - Late Evening Bashment at The Thatch Hut Bar.

Feb. 3rd - 9:00am Marley Benefit run from Negril Lighthouse to MXIII - 12:00pm noon Bike parade from Hendon Square, Sav La Mar to MXIII where a bike exhibition will take place - 12:00 noon Afternoon N.I.C.K. Kid's Day Party at the soccer field in Good Hope one mile to the right from the new Texaco Station with lunch and games and activities throughout the afternoon with dinner at 5pm - 3:00pm - Six-A-Side Football competition Venue: Long Bay Beach Park - 4:30pm -"Meeting of the Board Part 2" Party at Irie Vibes Bar and Restaurant on the beach for sunset before the MXIII Show presenting the Tuff Gong Fashion Wear featuring Sereta Marley, Donisha Marley, plus the grand children of Bob Marley also Pulse Super Models featuring Althea Laing - artists include Coco Tea, Everton Blender, Louie Culture, Terri Ganzie, Currant Man, Isha Blender, Abijah, Admiral Tibet, Harry Chapman, Bands: Sane - M.C.: G.T. Taylor - Admission: J$ 500.

Feb. 4th - 12:00pm noon: Six-A-Side Football competition (Quarter-finals) with a 3pm Celebrity Football Match. Players will include Ziggy, Stephen, Bunny Wailer, Admiral Bailey, etc. - Afternoon - Uncle Sam's 4th Annual Donkey Races, at Little Bay (sign up for rides starting the party at the "Meeting of the Board" on the 2nd). - 4:30pm -"Meeting of the Board Part 3" Party at Cubba's Bar across from MXIII for sunset before the Show at MXIII with the Marley family featuring Ghetto Youths International - Ziggy, Stephen, Julian, Damian Marley, Morgan's Heritage, LMS and Buju Banton - M.C.: Barry G. - Admission: J$ 700.

Feb. 5th - 10:00am - A "Just for Fun" Best Ball Golf Tournament at The Negril Hills Golf Course (email me at for details) - Afternoon - Long Bay Beach Park: All Day Party with Stone Love, Rebel T, Venom - 3pm - Six-A-Side Football competition (Semi-finals & finals) - Admission: J$ 300. - Sunset "Meeting of the Board Part 4" at 3 Dives's on Negril's West End - 9pm - MXIII Show with Admiral Bailey, George Nooks, Lady G, Ritchie Spice, Silver Kid, Mr. Peck, Ali C, Magnun & Lemon - Admission: J$ 500.

Feb. 6th - Bob Marley Birthday - Long Bay Beach Park: All Day Party Stone Love, Rebel T, Venom - 3pm - Six-A-Side Football competition (Semi-finals & finals) - Admission: J$ 300.

Feb. 7th - Tigress Lane "Meeting of the Board Part 5" Street Festival - Morning Breakfast at Marva's Seafront Restaurant - Pool Party Lunch at Tigress I - Sunset Party at Tenby's Tigress III - Pool/Dinner Party at Eddie's Tigress II - Late Evening Bashment at The Thatch Hut Bar

Feb. 8th - Pee Wee's Birthday Bashment - 8:00pm - Pee Wee's on the cliff.

That rounds out the plans as they stand so far, dates for acts subject to change (this is Negril - grin). A few things to note: For the shows at MXIII, tickets are discounted if bought in advance and there is also a single pass that you can get you into all shows for $1500! Check at the new MXIII bar for details once you arrive in Negril! Although there are 5 "Meetings of the Board" so that everyone has a chance to attend at least one, there are two "main" Meetings - the Tigress Lane Street Parties held on the 2nd and the 7th - they are day long events as to fit anyone's schedule - be sure to stop by those two parties inparticular!

There are also be other events happening during this time period, but these are the "official" Board Meeting Daze events providing some varied events that should provide fun for all, but all this really means is that these events made the list this year because we have talked with the parties involved. Please do not feel obligated to attend all the functions - the reason for the number of events is so that you have a wide range of times to attend! In fact, some of the events over lap so there is no possible way for anyone to attend all the events! Pick the ones that sound interesting and make note of the dates and times! Or just print out this page!

Since the Board Meeting Daze are open to everyone who wants to attend and many of you have met new friends directly at these parties, we thought we would try something different this year! Since we have such a colourful cast of characters who post on the Negril Message Board, we are asking that those who would like to identify themselves at any of the 5 "Meetings of the Board" to the others in attendance to let the creative juices flowing create a name tag that expresses the real you! It can be anything - from a neckless with you Negril Message Board name (handle) on it to a simple sticker that says "Hi! My name is XXXXXX"! Let the real you shine through!

Also, for those who wish to remain anonymous, or at least less recognizable, once again you are under no obligation to wear any form of name tag. It is purely up to each individual. There are people who read the Negril Message Board yet never post (on the Internet they are referred to as lurkers) and we are making a special invitation for them to join in the fun. They can still "lurk" (grin) at the parties, they can meet the people they so choose - do what you feel like doing, no worries mon! Irie!

Daily Music News: The Negril Entertainment Network will be webcasting on Saturday night from Happy Banana II - we maybe having a live sunset so for the latest information check the Negril Message Board. It will let you know how to join in the live web cast and chat in the Negril Chat Room. To make it to the Negril Message Board click on the Main Menu above or below and then look for the Negril Message Board link!

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