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13th, December 1996
Sorry Charlie, but Bronwyn beat you to the correct answer in yesterday's quiz. The places were Beachcomber and Runaways. Look for more information coming soon about Runaways...
It has come to our attention that some of you may not realise that you can walk through the most recent daily pages by clicking on Previous above. Keep clicking to catch any of the past pages you may have missed. Also, before your next visit, be sure to print out a few of our website pages (Red Snapper, Charela Inn, etc.) and present them to the places mentioned. This really helps us out. Thanks mon!
Finally, this message goes out to a wonderful woman way up north. Seems she missed her sunset that we placed on Internet Negril. Maybe it was all that snow that she went home to, maybe not. Either way Raewyn, click here or above on Page #2 to see what you missed.
At 9:45 am, Hot, sunny, cloudless blue sky. The temperature is 80° F., 27° C.
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