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More Plans for the Dance Again Festival
13th, October 1996
(Seems like we may have the first custom designed Festival, thanks to the Internet!) We have been getting requests from people attending this year's Dance Again Festival about seeing other areas of Jamaica. No problem mon! But in order to plan the correct tour, we need your advice. If you are planning to attend this year's Dance Again Festival, drop us a Be-mail and let us know what you think. We are leaning towards an overnight trip, complete with Grateful Dead tunes, to see an area of the island where the mountains kiss the sea. We will visit three spectacular sights, have a midnight bonfire on the beach and then end the tour with a visit to the most incredible place on the planet. How does that sound? We want to know! If we plan this thing, we want a full party that is off the beaten path, more of a back roads Jamaica kind of thing - definately not the kind you find in a travel brochure. But we need your input! Let us know what kind of trip or tour you would like, and we will arrange the perfect package mon. No problem!
At 7:45 am, after a wet night, a wonderful morning. The temperature is 76° F., 24° C.
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