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Waves in the Caribbean
Negril Today
Wave Forms
12th, November 1996
We hear that there is a stalled weather system off to the west which is bringing Negril these unusual waves. This picture was taken early this morning, just at sunrise. Important Note: We need your help again! We would like for you to test our first audio sample taped at the show at Roots Bamboo. It's one of Prince and the Gangsters tunes, I Don't Want To Lose My Temper. It is a short sample, just 56K small. Click here or above on Page #2 and give it a listen and tell us if the quality okay (be-mail us!). If it is, we will bring you more! Yah mon!
At 7:39 am, cloud cover this morn. The temperature is 79° F.,26° C.
blue line
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