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Nyabingi Celebration

A Nyabingi Celebration

January 9th, 2003

Although Jamaica is known for the body moving form of music known as reggae, it's roots, and possibly the root of all music can be traced back to early man's drumming. There are still types of drumming that cannot have changed much since humans first stretched a piece of animal hide over a wooden cylinder, be it a hollow tree stump or a carved bowl. A modern form of this ancient rythym is called Nyabingi drumming. This hypnotic beat can help to connect you with your inner self as it mimicks the heartbeat and science has proved it can stimulate brainwaves. Not bad, it only took mankind 15,000 years to prove something that was instinctively known by our ancestors! (grin)

Daily Music News: The Negril Entertainment Network is happy to announce the start of a new weekly Board Meeting Daze Pool Party gathering at Eddie's Tigress II on Negril's wild West End! The NEN will continue on Wednesday at noon from Fun Holiday and at sunset from 3-Dives and on Sunday with the Overtakers Band's live performance at Selina's Coffee Bar and Eatery!`For the most current music news, keep checking here, the Shows & Events listing and our new NEN (Negril Entertainment Network) page located in our Entertainment section! As always, you can check the Negril Message Board for more information about the live webcasts and chats! As the time for each live NEN event approaches, check for details on the Negril Message Board and the new NEN section. This will guide you through the procedure to join in the live web cast and chat in the Negril Chat Room. To make it to the Negril Message Board click on the Main Menu above or below and then look for the Negril Message Board link!

At 8:51am - a breezy day in Negril... The temperature is 76° F, 25° C.

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