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Ackee at Catcha Falling Star in Negril, Jamaica
Negril Today
July 2nd, 1997
Ackee is ripening as the lazy days of summer come once again to Negril. Ackee is one half of our national dish, ackee and saltfish. When the ackee ripens and is safe to eat, it opens and you can see the yellow fruit interior with it's large black seed. Served up with saltfish, some onions and a little scotch bonnet along with fresh orange juice and our famous blue mountain coffee, you are in for a real Jamaican breakfast treat! Today's picture was taken on the beautiful ocean front grounds of Catcha Falling Star on the cliffs of Negril. The Negril weather forcast is available from CNN, to find the link check out the Traveller Main Section from our Main Menu. Click here or above on page #2 to see it right away mon!
At 7:41 am, calm and peaceful on the cliffs. The temperature is 79° F, 26° C.
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