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Negril Today
Server Problems
June 2nd, 1997
Sorry about no picture today, but we are having server problems. Seems our ISP in the USA is having serious problems, if you try clicking through our site, you may end up with incomplete pages, or worse yet - the dreaded "Forbidden Access". The person running our server in Columbus, Ohio, USA says that getting computers fixed in Columbus is just as difficult as it is in Negril. Wow! Columbus used to be a great place for computer technology! Compuserve was started there! MicroCenter was founded there! Considering the nearest computer store is over two hours from Negril, I am truly sorry to hear about the dismal state of computer technology in Ohio. Needless to say, we are looking for a new ISP to host for Beingee's If you are a service provider, or know one who would want to host, drop us a bemail and we wil get back in touch. We have great plans for the future, and we may be out growing the ISP in Columbus, Ohio. I really hope that this problem is resolved soon mon! Irie!
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