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2nd, June 1996 (Continued)
Some friends came in from that merry metropolis known as Washington D.C. The auditor amongst them was whipping out one-liners faster than I could remember them. That gave us an idea! Why not start a "Negril Graffiti" section! A collection of the best one-liners about Negril. Be-mail us your best shots mon! (If you can remember them!)

A new place just opened on the beach. Mr. Buffett may have a cheeseburger in paradise, but you can now have tacos in the tropics! Yah mon! Put some Island Spice Scotch Bonnet HOT Pepper Sauce on that baby and now we are talking taste!

Rain just ended (it rained hard - but it lasted only 20 minutes - wow). At 4:12 pm, the temperature has dropped a bit, but it was hot an hour ago. It's about 86° F., 29° C.

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