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Ed at Fabulous' country place in Negril, Jamaica
Negril Today
Fabulous' Country
July 6th, 1997 Continued
Ed and I were on the West End the other day, having a drink at House of Dread's. We met a man named Fabulous and he took us up the raod. Here is a shot of Ed the Pirate off the main road, back at Fabulous' place. This place has a little of that country feel, and yet you are still just a short walking distance from the West End Road. Fabulous told us that he is looking for someone who would like to help him develop his land and build a few guest cabins - nothing big, just a small investment to help him get started. In exchange, you should always have a place to stay while in Negril! If you think you might be interested in something like this, click here to send Fabulous an email or look for Fabulous at House of Dread's place on the West End. Be sure to mention the Fabulous investment. Click here or above on page #3 for more Negril specials.
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