Mariner's Inn

Sping Break Toga Night Fridays

Join us for the event of the week. Envision over a thousand Spring Breakers in Togas, with food & drinks flowing; great live music - live Reggae band & DJ, on Negril's picturesque West End cliffs. Competitions include Bare as you Dare & Undress and Redress. Prizes & suprizes will be given away throughout the night. For only $15 USD, drink all the liquor you can including Appleton Rum & Red Stripe beer. Food will be on sale between 9:00 and 1:00am. Togas will be rented for $4 USD ($2 plus $2 which will be returned with the Toga). Don't miss it!
Mariner's Inn telephone number is (809) 957-0392 or 957-0393, fax is (809) 957-0391.

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