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Christmas 1999!

A Lion of Judah Project to benefit the Children of Negril and Western Jamaica

Welcome to our Christmas 1999 Project Page!

The Lion of Judah Ministries is asking our internet family to help us make Christmas 1999 a blessed event for the Jamaican children in Negril, Little London, Savannah-La-Mar, parts of Hanover, St. Elizabeth and an orphanage in Montego Bay.

We ask you to help us by bringing with you on your upcoming trips to the most beautiful place on earth, Negril, things on the following list!

Needed Items

1. Travel Size Toiletries. (shampoo, creme rinse, lotion, bar soap, toothpaste, bath gels, etc.) We find hotels are often happy to give a case of shampoo or other articles to charitable cause.

2. Dolls. (all types and especially one with hair and brush), Doll Clothes. We try to put 3 outfits with each doll, so donations of dolls with or without clothes are welcome.

3.Toys. (Cars, Trucks, Kid's meal bonuses. Dominos, Power Rangers, Action Figures, Games, etc.) If you bring toys do not bring battery operated toys as batteries are quite expensive and most familys cannot afford to replace them. We also ask for people to use reason in bringing violent type toys as we prefer not to promote violence in any way. Thank you for understanding our position on these types of toys.

4. Color Books, Crayons, Colored Markers, Color Pencils, Art Supplies, Small Crafts Kits.

5. School Supplies. (pens, paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, school scissors, paste, glue, etc.)

6. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes. ( We often find dentists are happy to give you some of their samples.)

7. Children's Clothing and Shoes. ( Please keep in mind we do live in the tropics.)

Where To Bring Donations

All donated items may be delivered to the Lion of Judah Ministries at Eddie's Tigress II Hotel. They may be left at the front desk or if we are in just ask for Rob, Tim, Roy, Regina, or Renee. If we are in, we'd love to meet you in person and thank you.


If You Are Not Coming This Year

If you will not be able to visit us this year and would like to help, we will be shipping a container sometime in August and and you can contact Randall Foote by clicking here.

Another method would be to ask on The Negril Message Board to help you get the items to Jamaica. We find many folks are able to help others out by carrying items.

Any additional questions may be directed to us by clicking here or on the email at the top of the page.

Can You Get A Tax Deductible Receipt?

If you reside in the United States, Lion of Judah Ministries is a reconized non-profit organization by the I.R.S. and can give tax deductible receipts for your donations. If you reside in any other country we regret that we will not be able to help you with tax deduction for your help.


The Staff of The Lion of Judah Ministries are looking forward to seeing this Christmas Season being the best ever!

Thank You for helping to make Christmas 1999 a memorable one for the Jamaican children.

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