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Back Ah Yard #133

(setting: cliff bar at Drumville Cove )

Mona: I like to sit on the cliffs and listen to my new reggae tapes...

Jamaica Sue: Isn't it great! I just love it here. I've been coming down so many times my friends back home call me Jamaica Sue!

Errol: Soh yu ah Jamerican...

Delroy: Fi real mon!

Jamaica Sue: Yah mon!

Mona: Fi real mon! (laugh)

Jamaica Sue: Errol, could you put on that new Culture tape? You know, the live one from the concert at Roots Bamboo the other day...

Errol: No problem mon! Wi got ah lot ah good show com up... (continued tomorrow)

******************* Written and Directed by Delroy Mosley *******************
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